Sherwin-William’s Color Forecast: Part One

Color in 2014 will stem from a new elixir of perfection that derives earthy knowledge of organic balance and simplistic duality into a melting pot of science and the bizarre.  Sherwin-Williams has just launched their color forecast and have naturally categorized them into four groups, Reasoned, Diaphanous (Di•aph•a•nous), Curiosity and Intrinsic.


For the mathematical and logical that takes pride in the power of hard science then becoming more “Reasoned” this year just makes good sense. Using tone on tone and geometry as inspiration this collection of shades and shadows stand unmatched in negative spaces.



Diaphanous might be light and translucent, but its lucid delicate qualities are what gives this group its strength in this harshening world. Relating closely to the wind and seemingly defining gravity there’s no question some of the strongest touches come in the softest forms. Transforming the new to fit the evolution of humans so that we want to interact with our world, not our world interrupts ours. Giving everything from electrical devices, colors and textures provide a spiritual relationship not material one with their owner.