Calm background and BOLD patterns.


For a lot of us the New Year means new beginnings in our life. A time we look around at the surroundings and change the old into new. Making it the perfect time of year to keep the calm structure we came from and add some new bold patterns. Now most of us shy away from the idea of introducing strong design into our home. After all, the last thing we want to do is take an ok room and turn it into a chaotic mess that’s even harder to live with. Yet, if used correctly the power of bold can be exactly what you need in 2013. Through the use of expressive fabrics and increasing popular wallpaper a room can gain a focal point and increase in positive energy. Even in a small space like a bathroom by adding a touch of bold you can soften the cold tile and marble. Still worried the refurbished room will be too much? It’s simple, just start small. Start by adding some talkative pillows, drapes or rugs.  Just remember these few key concepts and this year will finally be the year you have a temple you’re proud of!


1) All about balance. Fancy wallpaper evened out by a simple lamp.

2) Small rooms only need a small amount. Don’t bold yourself in.

3) It’s ok to mix patterns just make sure the scale between the design is different and they share a color.

4) Avoid the feeling of chaos.

5) Just because you’re nervous, don’t let that stop you.


A space to inspire

Inspiration for the world’s most important aspirations have all started in a single place. That perfect room that brought relevance to imagination giving the creator a place to dream.  So no matter how old or young the designer is, the goal can live inside their heart and around their home.  A room, after all, should be a reflection of one’s self.  A little girl dreams of the rainbow in shades of pink wanting to feel like a Barbie princess.  The boy, on the other hand, wants to race through this world in cars and trucks! Father has an office that stands strong and authoritative like the Italian suit he wears. Mother enjoys bringing the outdoors in, and fills the bedroom with designs that match her Candela spring dress.  All brought together, in a kitchen that creates those artisan meals just perfect to share with the family and talk about life.  After all, a space should inspire and tell the extraordinary story of who we are.

Radiant, sophisticated and lively

Pantone’s 2013 color is no other than the radiant but lively, Emerald.  This versatile color is the perfect shade for those looking to transition from the blues of winter into the celebration of summer. With Pantone’s choice to pick an emerald with just a hint of blue most of those older colors seem to complement it well.  Rather it’s your purple accented dining room or your husband’s favorite chocolate brown chair, this modern flare will only add to enrich the space. By updating your current drab fixtures with Hillary Thomas lamp finials or looking to redo a room around a prized Waterford Crystal Emerald Bowl this hue demands luxury in any setting.  That’s why even if this is not the mood you want for your home the notable beauty of emerald has been found walking the runways and making appearances at dinner parties.  Providing just enough personality and harmony with the trust of being a timeless favorite isn’t about time you went green?