I can see straight through you!

There is something beautiful about transparency. It could be its unabashed view of how things really are. Or it could be its amazing simplicity in a world of ever-growing complexity. Whatever it is, I simply love furnishings that make good use of transparent features. This chair, with its classic and simple design, is both fun yet also elegant. The polycarbonate material gives it a bright sheen finish, reminiscent, to me, of a diamond. These side chairs would be perfect for a light and airy outdoor area, or even around a dining table for a more modern look.  No matter the floor treatment – stone, wood, or accent rug – this chair will easily tie the room together – if, you know, you can stomach the $20,000 (!!!) price tag.

Speaking of tying the room together, how cool is this table for tying together all your loose ends in your workspace. Rather for a garage or other home office, this “Treasury” table provides a neat way to organize and semi-display all your handy knick knacks and supplies. It gives a new meaning to the phrase “hidden in plain sight”!

A window (treatment) to a whole different world.

BEFORE                                                              AFTER

If you ever wonder about the power of window treatments, look no further than this Jax Beach condo installation. DOTI assisted in the selection of lighting fixtures, rug, tables, chairs, accessories, and – you guessed it – window treatments. This bachelor pad was bleak and unwelcoming before, with the large windows doing nothing for the room but making it hard to see the television through the glare. However, once we added the panels of sheer fabric on either side of the windows, held up by chic silver medallions, the whole contemporary, modern feel of the room came together and finished off the room quite nicely. Our client didn’t even have to leave his condo for all this – and it was easily within budget, too!

We really love the croc-top nesting side tables (seen in the foreground of the second picture) and the arrangement of the contemporary metallic light fixtures; both are unique and add character to the room. The steely blue color of the walls, echoed in the sheers’ pattern, is modern but soothing and perfect for a relaxing, livable living space. Who would have thought that some hardware and sheer fabric could make such a difference, and that it would be so easy and enjoyable for you?

Why the gray face?

One of my most requested color combinations today in homes I design for is green and gray. Sophisticated yet fun, it’s easily applicable to anywhere in the home. Perhaps one of my favorite ways to uniquely incorporate gray and green is a gray sofa with light green accessories and/or wallpaper. Gray fabrics have an understated beauty to them and go with a variety of different floor and wall treatments. A vibrant green pattern on the wall or pillows makes the gray stand out even more, and green accessories like plants or vases add delightful splashes of color while still looking elegant overall.

It’s also easy to modernize a living or family room with green and gray. I love this ruffled lime green pillow, which combines two of today’s hottest trends (ruffles are in!). In addition, these traditional chairs with a slight green twist are fun to pair with overstuffed furniture for a cool contrast. Finally, add in this warm gray rug for a furniture anchor and it’s easy to take your designing and imagination from there.

What do you think about this color combo? Love it or hate it, leave a comment and let me know!


Comfy cushion or wicked wood?

I couldn’t help but take time to mention these little numbers. Although you may think they are upholstered, if you look closer you can see that they’re actually wood, carved to look like they’re not. I really just want to touch the one on the left to make sure that those wrinkles aren’t real! Although not really suitable for either dining or lounging, perhaps you could make use of one of these chairs in a children’s bedroom (they’d look great with any bright color) or patio/outdoor space (as a little twist to the au natural look). It’d even be cute to use as a kitchen desk chair. Can you imagine your guests’ faces when they go to sit down on something cushy and instead hit unflinching hardness? This limited edition, one-of-a-kind look is priced at $4,500 – transforming wood to fabric isn’t easy, you know!

Get a little wild!

Another hot fashion trend this year (which is as classic as it is popular) is animal print. Although at first you may be a little wary of its relevance – you’re not a teenage girl wanting a hot pink and zebra-print room, after all – the multitudes of styles, colors, and sizes for animal prints make it an easy trend to fit into your lifestyle. This zebra-print ottoman in the interior to the left adds a delightful pop of interest and pattern in a space that would otherwise be pretty tame. Or, just imagine this sea foam green zebra pattern on chairs like the one next to the aforementioned ottoman; it’s funky but subtle, and a great way to mix up an otherwise-traditional seating arrangement.

The same eye-popping effect can easily be pulled off with cheetah print; adding a warmer, more luxurious tone to anything it touches.. The visual texture of cheetah print gives sleek leather or pressed wood (seen in both pictures to the right) a partner fit for duty – fabulous home décor duty, that is.

More (and masculine!) coral.

If you like coral but not a fan of the frills, it can just as easily be paired with darker colors for a more masculine look. To the left you can see how the coral pillows look sophisticated but fresh on a dark leather couch. I am also a huge fan of both the style and coloring of the vintage rug on the right, which is also darker in tone than the usual light neutrals and would be perfect with some dark antique wood furniture or flooring. Coral is a great color to use as a stand-out star in a dark room.

…and a dash of glitz and glam!


Bronze, silver, platinum, and gold – oh my! If you are a bit of a diva but don’t want your living room to look like the inside of Fort Knox, subdued metallic furnishings are just enough of that glittery glamour.  This chair has the perfect mix of subdued gold with slightly metallic, rich, jewel-tone upholstery – and the style is classic enough to fit in with your existing furniture. Paired with this pendant lamp, a hallway nook could easily get an edgy facelift. Metallics add glam to your antique furniture and glitz to your plain upholstery. This set of chair and lamp would cost you an ahhh!-mazing $8,000, but they’re precious metals so it’s worth it – right?!

Pretty and pink…


If you want to know what’s going to be popular in interiors, look no further than fashion trends. Coral + blue, either navy blue or its lighter counterpart teal are beautiful color complements that keep any interior (or outfit!) fresh and young. There are several ways you can splash some coral into your home. In the interior above, neutrals on the floor and ceiling with light blue on the walls and draperies make the coral on the chairs pop – without going overboard on color. Wood tone chair frames with coral upholstery are simple, elegant, and easy to do.

In the same vein, I simply adore this chair and its coral fabric. Although the interior is fairly minimal, the traditional-style chair with the bold coral fabric makes the space POP. In a similar fashion, you can use this upholstery fabric to dress up an arm chair or cushion, making a little reading nook a joy to look at. If you like orange and pink, coral has the best of both worlds – and is giving home décor a fresh new face.

Smooth it out, then rough it up.

Looking to create a trendy interior for your home but don’t want to stray too far out of your comfort zone? Look no further than glass accent pieces! Although this glass cocktail table is priced at a ridiculously whopping $11,250, it’s a great example of a piece flexible enough to be placed in either a traditional or contemporary interior. Its elegant curve and glass sculpture legs draw the eye of anyone who walks into the room. Throw in a textured piece for contrast, like a driftwood lamp or a delightfully ruffled pillow, and you have yourself a hot living room – complete with the jealousy of your house guests.