It’s official! Pantone has chosen their color of the year for 2014.

“A human being isn’t an orchid, she must draw something from the soil she grows in.”

-Sara Jeannette Duncan

 A home is not only your personal sanctuary but the stage on which you live out some of your most important moments.  It’s where the family grows into their future and your time is spent in joy and reflection. A home is the soil that will feed and support life’s journey that will ultimately end in a flowering bloom you can be proud of.  Bringing us to Pantones color of 2014, that not only promises to bring new growth into your life but also inspiration for the New Year.  Radiant Orchid is everything you love about being bold while upholding the beauty of bringing an Orchid into your living space.  A color well represented by this flower because of its rich, true, color and endless uses and opportunities throughout every room of a house.  From pillows to paint and all the drapes in between Radiant Orchid has unlimited applications, as I have even seen it blossom into jewelry and dresses.   Proudly making this color’s popularity a growing one across all fields of fashion and the perfect tone for freshening up your home this spring!

Sherwin-William’s Color Forecast: Part Two








In the attempt to make the modern smaller and sleeker it was only a matter of time we started exploring the undiscovered hues of the molecular level.  Out of “Curiosity” for the pure, wondrous and bizarre fashion has discovered a fantasy world of color that’s in complete balance with nature and the pressure to be new and unseen. Being referred to as Bio-design this intriguing new outlook demands to leave its fossilized mark in the, what’s what of 2014.


Hugging the photos of your loved ones and ancestors around your home, “Intrinsic” truly belongs naturally in your living space. Derived from the past to stand as a “forget me not” as we proudly step forward never forgetting our roots.  Earning its colors from traditional dyeing techniques and textures from hand woven memories this collection is all about standing the test of time. All in effort to freshen up the old through preservation of what made us who we are.

Now let us step into the New Year with a Reasoning mind and a Diaphanous Curiosity for the Intrinsic.

Sherwin-William’s Color Forecast: Part One

Color in 2014 will stem from a new elixir of perfection that derives earthy knowledge of organic balance and simplistic duality into a melting pot of science and the bizarre.  Sherwin-Williams has just launched their color forecast and have naturally categorized them into four groups, Reasoned, Diaphanous (Di•aph•a•nous), Curiosity and Intrinsic.


For the mathematical and logical that takes pride in the power of hard science then becoming more “Reasoned” this year just makes good sense. Using tone on tone and geometry as inspiration this collection of shades and shadows stand unmatched in negative spaces.



Diaphanous might be light and translucent, but its lucid delicate qualities are what gives this group its strength in this harshening world. Relating closely to the wind and seemingly defining gravity there’s no question some of the strongest touches come in the softest forms. Transforming the new to fit the evolution of humans so that we want to interact with our world, not our world interrupts ours. Giving everything from electrical devices, colors and textures provide a spiritual relationship not material one with their owner.

Ah, there’s the warmth!

With the weather heating up and spring just around the corner it’s time to stop hibernating and start thinking about the great outdoors. Making it the perfect time of year to spring clean your last year’s interior design and greet the new season with a fresh look that starts in the home and carries out into patios and gardens. Never being easier to enjoy the Florida sun as top names in home furnishings have now started offering a variety of outside design that matches you’re inside living. Incorporating the very patterns, colors and comfort you enjoy in your living room and making it available in warmth of the sun and under the stars with guest. Expanding all the beauty of DOTI’s design, you have come to love, into an entirely new space of possability and enjoyment. Turning a simple yard into a twenty-four hour oasis that provides a green space to surf the web in the great outdoors or beat the heat with a cool drink.

Get your shine on!

If you’re anything like me you take pride and get enjoyment from decorating your home until it has a sense of balance and perfection. Not to mention the time spent picking out the perfect window treatments and furniture that represents your style while still reaming functional.  That’s why it is very important to think about a room and its entirety and not forget one of the most important elements, lighting. With the addition of that elegant chandelier casting soft light over your dinner table or that perfect lamp accenting your décor you can easy illuminate the true value of any space. Also, with the increasing popularity of the open floor plan a well sculpted light can not only complement a space but help define one room from the other. Remembering to keep in mind the three basic guidelines of adding light to any room of your house; function, mood, and harmony.  Always keeping in mind what you want but also require out of your next interior design project.

There is nothing like the real thing.

Let’s face it, Pleather will never be leather and that designer couch will always make a statement of its own. A name guarantees that silky blue Casamidy chair will look as good as the day you bought it. From the stitching to quality of the fabric and even the frame all working together to say, no I’m not cheap but, I’m completely worth it. Carrying this idea over to the kitchen where top end appliances deserve only those marbles and granites that stand untouched. Bringing us to the important reality that the designs and textures we surround our self with greatly influences our daily life and nothing makes a stronger influence than authenticity.  So why settle for imitations where you live, when you would never settle for anything less than luxury in your car. After all, when you hire DOTI one thing becomes clear; life really is too short to be surrounded by ugly things.

Power of art in the home.

Through the ages of time people have always understood the importance of having art in their life. From statues standing in town square to more personal works hanging in their home, art is a key factor in society. Not only is art a great way to record the past but, it also can add that personal human touch to any room of the house.  Easily turning the empty spots above fireplaces and walls into a focus point of conversation, while sharing your home with friends and family.  Whether it’s a painting of old or a new masterpiece, the styles and choices of what fits you and your desired environment are endless. Already have that piece your just absolutely in love with or has been in the family for years? Why not design a room around the art and incorporate everything you like about it into a actual living space. Now the next time you feel like something is missing you will know what, art.

Calm background and BOLD patterns.


For a lot of us the New Year means new beginnings in our life. A time we look around at the surroundings and change the old into new. Making it the perfect time of year to keep the calm structure we came from and add some new bold patterns. Now most of us shy away from the idea of introducing strong design into our home. After all, the last thing we want to do is take an ok room and turn it into a chaotic mess that’s even harder to live with. Yet, if used correctly the power of bold can be exactly what you need in 2013. Through the use of expressive fabrics and increasing popular wallpaper a room can gain a focal point and increase in positive energy. Even in a small space like a bathroom by adding a touch of bold you can soften the cold tile and marble. Still worried the refurbished room will be too much? It’s simple, just start small. Start by adding some talkative pillows, drapes or rugs.  Just remember these few key concepts and this year will finally be the year you have a temple you’re proud of!


1) All about balance. Fancy wallpaper evened out by a simple lamp.

2) Small rooms only need a small amount. Don’t bold yourself in.

3) It’s ok to mix patterns just make sure the scale between the design is different and they share a color.

4) Avoid the feeling of chaos.

5) Just because you’re nervous, don’t let that stop you.


A space to inspire

Inspiration for the world’s most important aspirations have all started in a single place. That perfect room that brought relevance to imagination giving the creator a place to dream.  So no matter how old or young the designer is, the goal can live inside their heart and around their home.  A room, after all, should be a reflection of one’s self.  A little girl dreams of the rainbow in shades of pink wanting to feel like a Barbie princess.  The boy, on the other hand, wants to race through this world in cars and trucks! Father has an office that stands strong and authoritative like the Italian suit he wears. Mother enjoys bringing the outdoors in, and fills the bedroom with designs that match her Candela spring dress.  All brought together, in a kitchen that creates those artisan meals just perfect to share with the family and talk about life.  After all, a space should inspire and tell the extraordinary story of who we are.